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Commercial real estate is a varied and often complicated business. When most people think about buying or selling, they often think only about hiring a realtor to help with this process. There are, however, many aspects of real estate that require the legal advice and help of a residential real estate attorney in Connecticut. Whether it is drafting contracts, conducting a purchase, selling a property, or negotiating with a seller or buyer, there are many tasks for which a Connecticut real estate lawyer is best qualified. The Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn LLC understand how complicated these types of transactions can be and we strive to ensure they are as stress-free as possible.

Commercial Real Estate

Let The Law Offices of Geoffrey T. Einhorn LLC act as your commercial real estate attorney in Connecticut. Our firm understands the local, state, laws that may affect your sale or purchase. We have experience representing buyers and sellers as well as the many other parties that are involved in the real estate transactions, ranging from developers to investors.

Residential Real Estate

While our law firm works with commercial clientele quite often, we also work with many of our clients as their residential real estate attorney. We know that buying or selling property can be difficult, which is why we do our best to make the process as stress-free as possible. We are excited to help individuals and businesses seeking counsel from a Connecticut real estate attorney, whether.

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